Frequent Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost of Node Insiders Alerts?

The monthly cost is based on the payment plan you select.  The base subscription plan is $49.00 per month. With 3- and 6-month prepay plans, you receive a corresponding 10% or 20% discount ($132 Quarterly or $234 Biannually). Month-to-month plans aren’t discounted.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan later?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade your subscription anytime to get a discount. To upgrade your paid account, please log in, click on My Account, and choose Subscription. Under the My Subscription section, you will be able to view and modify your current plan. The new rate will be applied following your current billing period.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel anytime. To cancel your paid account, please log in, click on My Account, and choose Subscription. Go to the Cancel section and click on the Cancel My Subscription button. You will have access until the end of your current billing period.

What is included with my subscriptions?

In addition to the alerts dashboard, you will also have access to the historical alerts pages, tutorial pages and monthly Node Insiders Webinars.

How will I see the alerts?

You can see the alerts on the Alerts Dashboard when logged into the site. However, we will be adding email and mobile alerts soon so that you can get them delivered to your devices.

Can I modify the alerts?

No, these are proprietary alerts that have been designed and back tested to screen out the best setups and trading pairs. These are more than simple RSI, MACD or Volume-based alerts. While those types of screens can be helpful, you can easily set up those types of alerts on popular charting tools such as Trading View or Coinigy. Node Insider Alerts are designed to help with the task of scanning the charts and setting manual alerts for each coin.

What exchanges do you cover?

We currently provide alerts for currencies on the Bittrex, Binance and KuCoin exchanges. This covers all of the major currency pairs found on other exchanges such as GDAX, Bitstamp & Kraken plus 100’s of additional altcoins traded on popular exchanges.